About Central NJ Ski Club

CNJ Ski Club Board

The Club is governed by a Board of Directors, nominated and elected by the members. The Board of Directors consists of (13) members of which the officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) may carry over from the previous Board.  For more information about how the club is governed or the function of each committee, see the Club's Constitution.  Talk to other members about running for the board; we always need future board members and committee help!

2023/2024 CJSC Board of Directors:

  • President: Joseph Forgione
  • Vice President: Bill Montis
  • Secretary: Susan Yeager
  • Treasurer: Julie Evans
  • Lodge Manager: John Misdom
  • Membership: Amanda Forgione
  • Trip Coordinator: Jim Olivia
  • Reservations: Linda Casserly
  • Publicity: Mike Vollmer
  • Hospitality: Gregg Forbes
  • Social: David Makow, Rich Misdom, Beth Collington